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Talking Gleeks is on hiatus until December 15th. Please check the directory for individually active accounts.

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September 1st: School Year Begins 2014/15
January 2015: Glee S6 begins

Hey guys,

So Amanda and I have been weighing things up over the last few days with regards to Talking Gleeks and where we stand in regards to the hiatus. It’s been obvious to us that activity isn’t what it was and regardless of our attempts to prompt it, this doesn’t seem to be changing. There’s absolutely no blame being placed on anyone for that, it’s a simple fact of being a canon RP with the limitations that this imposes in terms of storyline development and so forth. Our mutual decision is that we’re going to be placing the RP onto a hiatus until the 15th of December and then coming back and reevaluating where things are at before the final season starts in January.

Upon our return we may discuss and contact any players that we feel may have been struggling a little with keeping consistently active. 

What this means is that for all intents and purposes the main page will not be updated (i.e no spamming events, bi-weekly updates, etc). We’ll (Amanda and myself) still be posting on Kurt and Blaine's blogs and continuing their saga and we welcome and encourage any other players that may wish to stay active to do the same. However it will require a proactive approach as we won't be monitoring activity as we have been (though we will prune any accounts that deactivate and answer any queries where possible).

If you’d like to stay active on your blog regardless, the OOC will remain open and you’re welcome to request and exchange questions and ideas with other active players. Please keep in mind that as long as your character is part of TG, you will need to keep to a canon setting with regards to storylines. If you’d like to break away from the RP and do something independently that’s also fine, just drop us a line so we can unlink your account from the RP. 

We’ll be contacting all absent members of the RP individually to ensure they’re up to speed with changes, especially those due back from a hiatus in September. If you’d like us to place your account on hiatus in conjunction with the main, just drop a like on this post and we’ll arrange that and update the directory. Come the 15th of December, we’ll contact everyone who still wishes to be part of the RP and isn’t presently active.

Thanks guys and we hope we’ll see you all back in December! 



talkto-suesylvester is talking about: //Hey, Admins! I know I just came back, but would you mind if I'm put on inconsistent for the next week? I'm going to this Jesus theatre camp and it's an overnight, all-day thing, so... it might be hard to get on.

Hi Zach,

Sure. We’ll set you to inconsistent until July 26th. If you’re back beforehand let us know.

Have fun,

- Co-Admin

talktoladybrittany is talking about: Hey there admins, I've been trying to work myself up to coming back off my hiatus but I just don't have the muse or drive to continue, especially with the hiatus on the show so I'm going to step down to allow someone else to fill the role. I've loved my time here and thank you for giving me the opportunity.

Hi Shiix,

We totally understand. Sometimes canon just doesn’t work out for some roleplayers. We wish you luck in your future endeavors.

Everyone please unfollow Brittany


talktomarleyrose is talking about: Hi admins! I was wondering if I could please be put as away for a couple of weeks as life is getting a little bit much at the moment. I'll let you know when things settle down! :)

Hi Marley,

No worries. Thanks for letting us know! We’ll set you over to absent for the time being, 



Don’t forget:

✗ Any accounts that did not confirm participation by liking the post on the main have been marked down as a non-participant for this week. If this is in error or there were any extenuating circumstances preventing your participation - make sure to drop us a line!

✗ If you did not receive your full allotment of questions for this week, please now feel free to contact us and let us know and we’ll either supply the difference, or contact those players who may yet need to supply the remainder they owe.


Anonymous is talking about: Hey it's puck. I only had chance to spam two of my partners but I'll finish it up tomorrow. I had something come up tonight is all

Hi Kelly,

Thanks for dropping us a line and letting us know! We’ll tag this and post it for your other group members awareness. 



Weekly Workout Spamming Ends Tonight!

Just a reminder that the spamming window ends this evening at 11:59PM EST. If you missed the distribution of groups for the week you can find that here.

Don’t forget to like the post after you’ve spammed! 

Cheers all,


It’s time for the Weekly Workout, Gleeks!

Get your fingers warmed up and ready to do some in-game spamming. 

 How this works:

All active accounts within the RP barring those currently absent have been split into groups. Gleeks are asked to send 5 questions to each member of their group. This will result in each member of the RP receiving a total of 15 questions.

As the RP is now in the hiatus period between seasons, we’ll be using random questions in place of episodic. Each week we shuffle the groups around so everyone isn’t constantly spamming the same characters.

 Does everyone have to participate?

Yes, we do require everyone to help out and take part. We’ll give everyone 48 hours as of this post to spam the others they are grouped with (which is until 11:59PM Friday EST).

 After you’ve spammed your group members, like this post to let us know (this is part of the WW process and is required)! 

Once 48 hours has elapsed, if anyone has not been spammed they can contact the admins and we’ll prompt those in the group who may have neglected to participate because of absence and/or other obstructions. If a member of the RP is noted not to participate in the WW without any reason given 3 times or more the admins reserve the right to remove the player from the RP.

If a group member is unable to spam another for a legitimate reason (i.e storms, no power, etc.) the admins will supply spam in their stead. Please make sure you contact us if you are unable to take part in WW.

 What are the groups for this week?

 Group #1:  Blaine, Dani, Kurt, Karofsky

 Group #2:  Cooper, Elliott, Ryder, Kitty

 Group #3:  Rachel, Sam, Burt, Puck

 Group #4:  Quinn, Mercedes, Marley, Sue

 Group #5:   Tina, Harmony, April, Emma

 Group sizes may vary slightly week to week as players return from and request to go on an absence or hiatus from the RP. 

Happy Spamming!


talktoelliottgilbert is talking about: Hey Admins, I'm heading to London tomorrow for a three day event. I'll be back on the 21st so could I please be set to Away until then? Thanks :)

Hi Elliott,

Not a problem at all! I hope you have a blast of a weekend and bring back lots of fun stories to share with us. 



Upcoming Events in Game

  • 17th July: Kurt and Blaine fly to Milan, Italy
  • 20th July: Kurt and Blaine arrive in Venice, Italy
  • 29th July: Kurt and Blaine arrive back in New York

These are just a few events the admins know of/have seen mentioned as upcoming. If anyone has any major events they’d like included in any future updates just let us know!

Hiatus Storylines 

Please remember that players are very welcomed and encouraged to come up with individual or linked storylines to play out over the summer break. If any players would like assistance with or to discuss potential storylines with the admins, please feel more than welcome to message the main page.

If you’re searching for more ways to become involved, we’re always happy to discuss a plot or storyline with you!

Spam for Spam

If you’re running low on questions you are always welcome to request some spam either IC from followers or via the OOC area by requesting what we refer to as ‘spam for spam’. What this means is you’re asking another player to send you questions and in return, you’ll send some their way. 

If a player offers to spam you but doesn’t need any questions, see if you can pay it forward to another character instead. This helps keep everyone’s accounts stocked leading up to and outside of our weekly spamming events.

The Weekly Workout begins Tonight

At 11:59PM tonight, we’ll begin the Weekly Workout.

These spamming events span the two days from Wednesday through to Friday evening at 11:59PM and focus on the episodes that air week to week. 

As the RP is now into the hiatus, we’ll be using random spam instead of episodic questions. Please make sure if you can’t or don’t believe you’ll be able to take part this week to let us know ASAP.