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Anonymous is talking about: Will you guys be bringing this RP back in December?

Hi Anon,

As we mentioned in our admin post a month ago, we’ll be coming back to re-evaluate things come December of this year. At the present time the co-admin and myself are taking this period to think about where we want to take the RP, especially considering there are only 13 episodes left of the series. 

There’s some things we want to really weigh up and make a few calls on so we’re taking the next few months to come to a decision on that but right now I can assure you we have every intention of returning in some degree. 

Don’t forget some individual character blogs are still active, too, you can find them via our directory page. Just check if there’s an active status beside their name. 



Anonymous is talking about: Is your Elliott on hiatus right now?

Hi Anon,

Yes! As far as we’re aware our Elliott is taking some time away from the RP until (at latest) December 15th. If we hear from them earlier we’ll certainly let you know!


talktowillschuester is talking about: Hello admins! I'm back from my vacation, but I had completely forgotten that school starts in less than 2 weeks (Ah!). Could I possibly take the hiatus until December 15th? Thank you!

Hi There,

Thanks for letting us know. You’re currently already placed on Hiatus, so we’ll see you in December.

Good luck with school,

- Co-Admin

uncannyraven is talking about: So happy to see that this RP is still here and that all of you are doing an amazing job! Hugs to all of you! - Rose (a very old Puck of yours)

Hi Rose!

It’s so nice to hear from you! We are still here and chugging along, though the main RP is on a bit of a hiatus until December. I hope you’re doing well! 

Feel free to stop by and say hi whenever you like. We always love hearing from former players!



Anonymous is talking about: Hi, admins! This is Chloe/Cooper! I'm having computer issues at the moment, so could I please be placed on away status for now? Thank you!

Hi Chloe!

That’s totally fine. What we’ll do is stick Cooper on hiatus for the time being since the RP is technically on one itself and when you’re back in action, just drop a note in the OOC and we’ll switch you back over again.



talktotinacochang is talking about: Hey guys, could you place me on hiatus for the time being. I probably won't be gone for long, it's just to rest and keep my head clear.

Hi Tina!

Absolutely we can, not a problem at all. We’ll slot you over to a hiatus status until the 15th of December. If you’d like to return sooner, just drop us a line and let us know.



talktomrsemmaschuester is talking about: Hi guys! If possible I'd still like to take you all up on the hiatus is thats okay!

Hi Emma,

Not a problem! We’ll set you over and update the directory to reflect for everyone’s reference that’s checking in. Just make sure if you want to come back at any point before December 15th to drop us a line here or in the OOC.

Cheers and see you back soon!


talktowillschuester is talking about: Hi guys! I haven't liked the post, but would it be possible to place Will on hiatus until August 11th? I need to regain a bit of my muse for Will as long as go along on another family vacation.


That’s fine.  You can come back at any time just let us know when you’re back in the OOC area.

Have fun,

- Co-Admin

Anonymous is talking about: Are you guys closed now?

Hi Anon!

No, we aren’t closed, we’re just on a main RP hiatus until December 15th. We decided that due to the length of the hiatus and the difficulties many players were having in staying active in a canon environment we’d make things a little easier and stress free by allowing everyone a few months to recuperate if they’d like to.

Some accounts are still active, we’re keeping our directory updated with who is active versus not for ongoing reference. 



Hey guys,

So Amanda and I have been weighing things up over the last few days with regards to Talking Gleeks and where we stand in regards to the hiatus. It’s been obvious to us that activity isn’t what it was and regardless of our attempts to prompt it, this doesn’t seem to be changing. There’s absolutely no blame being placed on anyone for that, it’s a simple fact of being a canon RP with the limitations that this imposes in terms of storyline development and so forth. Our mutual decision is that we’re going to be placing the RP onto a hiatus until the 15th of December and then coming back and reevaluating where things are at before the final season starts in January.

Upon our return we may discuss and contact any players that we feel may have been struggling a little with keeping consistently active. 

What this means is that for all intents and purposes the main page will not be updated (i.e no spamming events, bi-weekly updates, etc). We’ll (Amanda and myself) still be posting on Kurt and Blaine's blogs and continuing their saga and we welcome and encourage any other players that may wish to stay active to do the same. However it will require a proactive approach as we won't be monitoring activity as we have been (though we will prune any accounts that deactivate and answer any queries where possible).

If you’d like to stay active on your blog regardless, the OOC will remain open and you’re welcome to request and exchange questions and ideas with other active players. Please keep in mind that as long as your character is part of TG, you will need to keep to a canon setting with regards to storylines. If you’d like to break away from the RP and do something independently that’s also fine, just drop us a line so we can unlink your account from the RP. 

We’ll be contacting all absent members of the RP individually to ensure they’re up to speed with changes, especially those due back from a hiatus in September. If you’d like us to place your account on hiatus in conjunction with the main, just drop a like on this post and we’ll arrange that and update the directory. Come the 15th of December, we’ll contact everyone who still wishes to be part of the RP and isn’t presently active.

Thanks guys and we hope we’ll see you all back in December!