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Lima & New York Time

The current month in Glee is:
April 2014

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Wanted Characters:

18/3 5x12: 100
25/3 5x13: New Directions
01/4 5x14: New New York
08/4 5x15: Bash
15/4 5x16: Tested
22/4 5x17: Opening Night
29/4 5x18: The Back-Up Plan
06/5 5x19: Old Dog, New Tricks
13/5 5x20: The Untitled Rachel Berry Project
talktojacobpuckerman is talking about: Hey admins! I think you left Jake off the weekly workout by mistake!

Hi Jake,

Eep you’re right! So sorry about that. We’ve now added you to the last group with Kitty, Unique, and Carole.

Thank you for letting us know 

Mike Chang Audition

Welcome to the team, Emily! We really enjoyed your take on the light-footed Mike Chang and we can’t wait to see what you bring to the RP. Go ahead and get your account set up to your liking in the next 24 hours and don’t forget to turn your asks, ask replies and submissions on for us, too!


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It’s time for the Weekly Workout, Gleeks!

Get your fingers warmed up and ready to do some in-game spamming related to this week’s episode Opening Night.

 How this works:

All active accounts within the RP barring those currently absent have been split into groups. Gleeks are asked to use the episode that aired this week as a prompt to ask 5 questions of each member of their group. This will result in each member of the RP receiving a total of 15 questions.

If a character was not featured in the episode selected this week, you can spam them with other questions or use the theme or subject of the episode to ask questions. Each week we shuffle the groups around so everyone isn’t constantly spamming the same characters.

 Where can I find the episode to re-watch online?

You can access a streaming version of Glee episodes via this website.

 Does everyone have to participate?

Yes, we do require everyone to help out and take part. We’ll give everyone 48 hours as of this post to spam the others they are grouped with (which is until 11:59PM Friday EST).

 After you’ve spammed your group members, like this post to let us know (this is part of the WW process and is required)! 

Once 48 hours has elapsed, if anyone has not been spammed they can contact the admins and we’ll prompt those in the group who may have neglected to participate because of absence and/or other obstructions. If a member of the RP is noted not to participate in the WW without any reason given 3 times or more the admins reserve the right to remove the player from the RP.

If a group member is unable to spam another for a legitimate reason (i.e storms, no power, etc.) the admins will supply spam in their stead. Please make sure you contact us if you are unable to take part in WW.

 What are the groups for this week?

 Group #1: Kurt, Sam, Harmony, Sue

 Group #2: Marley, Karofsky, Ryder, Cooper

 Group #3: Emma, Will, Blaine, Burt

 Group #4: April, Mercedes, Artie, Santana

 Group #5: Rachel, Quinn, Brittany, Tina

 Group #6: Kitty, Unique, Carole, Jake

Group sizes may vary slightly week to week as players return from and request to go on an absence from the RP.

Happy Spamming!


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Hi Carole,

Welcome back! We’ll change your status to active!

Thank you for letting us know,

- Co-Admin

Timeline of Events for ‘Opening Night’ Wednesday 23rd April

  • 4AM: Rachel has a nightmare about her opening night and being heckled
  • 4:20AM: Kurt takes Rachel’s phone and tries to keep her away from the internet
  • 9AM: Sue asks Will if she can go with him to NYC
  • 11AM: The gang comes over to the loft, Tina arrives and upsets the zen and ends up staying with Mercedes instead
  • 7PM: Sue and Will arrive in NYC
  • Midnight: Rachel reads negative comments on the internet and in the paper

Clarifications for 5x17 ‘Opening Night’

If anyone missed our late night clarifications post for the episode, you can find that right hereIt houses all the main plot points of note for the RP and gives everyone an idea of where their characters were at as of the close of things. 

As always, if anyone has any questions regarding the episode, please don’t hesitate to query it with us.

The Weekly Workout begins Tonight

At 11:59PM tonight, we’ll begin the Weekly Workout.

These spamming events span the two days from Wednesday through to Friday evening at 11:59PM and focus on the episodes that air week to week.

Obviously, if character(s) aren’t on screen for an episode that week, questions can be sent using the theme or themes of the episode or misc. questions can also be used. Please make sure if you can’t or don’t believe you’ll be able to take part this week to let us know ASAP.

Talking Gleeks is Now in April 2014 

Just a quick reminder in case anybody missed our notification that the RP is now running in present time in correlation with Glee making a small timejump in last night’s episode. This means that both Valentine’s Day and Easter have now taken place.

Characters should bear this in mind when answering questions regarding particular events. 

Cheers all,


justforthetalkinggleeks is talking about: OOC: Is it okay for us to send characters questions during the weekly workout and spam-for-spam Sunday?

Hi there,

You are very welcome to send the characters questions at any point! We run our weekly spamming events regardless, though at present we are only doing them mid week and not on Sundays any longer.



Hey guys! 

So, please find our timeline and clarifications for Opening Night below! There’s a few notable things about this week’s episode and one or two aspects that require a slight amount of tweaking to allow for a sense of continuity in game. The most predominant is that we have an exact sense of where the show is at and when Rachel’s opening night is this week. 

As of this week’s episode, Glee (and by extension TG) is now in April 2014 and current to real time. The other factor to address is Emma’s pregnancy. Due to the fact that she would actually have been due in February had she conceived in late May, we’ll shift things slightly forward and say Emma fell pregnant in August so that the months match up and our Wemma players can more easily run with the episode’s events. We’ll begin some aspects of the episode tonight and continue on with it over the course of the week to match up with the dates shown in the episode, particularly for Rachel’s opening night.

Tuesday April 22nd

  • 7PM: Sue’s Corner regarding the state of New York City

Wednesday April 23rd

  • 4AM: Rachel has a nightmare about her opening night and being heckled
  • 4:20AM: Kurt takes Rachel’s phone and tries to keep her away from the internet
  • 9AM: Sue asks Will if she can go with him to NYC
  • 11AM: The gang comes over to the loft, Tina arrives and upsets the zen and ends up staying with Mercedes instead
  • 7PM: Sue and Will arrive in NYC
  • Midnight: Rachel reads negative comments on the internet and in the paper

Thursday April 24th

  • 11AM: Kurt, Blaine and Sam try to rally around Rachel and cheer her up
  • Noon: Sue arrives at the Loft and says she’s going to stay there
  • 12:30PM: Santana talks sense into Rachel by reading her reviews of Barbra Streisand’s performance of Funny Girl
  • 6:30PM: Rachel talks to Will in her dressing room and gets word that Emma is going into labor
  • 7PM: Rachel goes on for her first Act, Sue walks out and meets up with Mario 
  • 8PM: Mercedes and Kurt visit Rachel during intermission
  • 8:15PM: Rachel goes out for Act II (Sue dreams of herself up on the stage)
  • 9:30PM: Tina, Sam, Santana, Mercedes, Kurt and Blaine meet with Rachel after the show; instead of going to an after party Sidney sets up the gang go to an after party at a gay bar Blaine knows of

Friday April 25th

  • 7:30AM: Kurt, Blaine, Sam, Mercedes, Tina, Santana and Rachel arrive home at the Loft and are surprised to find Sue and Mario present; Rachel tells Sue off and demands she leave
  • 10AM: The gang leaves the apartment to go get the New York Times and discover the paper is calling Funny Girl a resounding success; Mr. Schue calls Rachel announcing the birth of his child, Daniel Finn Schuester
  • 10AM: Sue says goodbye to Mario and returns to Lima

Saturday April 26th

  • 7PM: Sue does a more positive Sue’s Corner about New York City

Key Plot Points/Developments of Interest

  • Artie is not in the episode as his short film Bags in the Wind got accepted into the Fort Lauderdale International Short Film Festival
  • Rachel receives flowers from Quinn, Artie, Mike, Puck and Mr Figgins in her dressing room
  • The review of Funny Girl in the New York Times is very positive
  • Tina notes that she has had one brief foray into dating but the boy turned out to be gay
  • As of the close of the episode Will and Emma are now proud parents to a baby boy
  • Though the show does not touch on Brittany's whereabouts it does appear that Santana is very recently back in the city so it can be assumed that Brittany may be packing up or finalizing her departure from MIT but we’re happy for our Brittany player to make a call regarding her whereabouts
  • As the show has now caught up to current time, it’s important to note that both Valentine’s Day and Easter have now occurred in game and if your character had a birthday between January and April, they may now be a year older

If we’ve missed anything or anyone wants any further clarifications, please don’t hesitate to let us know! 


Anonymous is talking about: hi admins! this is your carole player. I just wanted to check in and apologize for my lateness returning from my away status, but I just wanted to drop by and say that I should be back to being fully active tomorrow! the past two days were much busier than expected.

Hi Carole,

Thanks for checking in and letting us know! We look forward to seeing you back on our dash. 



5x17 ‘Opening Night’ airs Tonight!

The admins will be posting up our regular clarifications post episode with details on what transpired and addressing any issues that may interfere with the RP until the next episode airs. Any serious issues with character storylines will be dealt with in this post. 

1. Post Episode Clarifications

After the episode has aired EST and if there’s any cliffhangers or unresolved points contained in it that might pose a problem in game for us, we’ll post up a clarifications post after the episode that will contain our rulings and other decisions on how best to handle things. If these posts are required (and we often do one simply to note the important new information) they’ll generally go up within 1-2 hours of the episode.

The general rule of thumb in terms of answering questions after an episode is to assume all events have taken place unless, as noted above, there’s any need to pause a section of the episode to deal with unresolved storylines but the admins will advise if this is the case after they’ve viewed the episode.

2. Episode Downloads

These we will always post up in our OOC section as soon as we can find reliable files for Gleeks to make use of!

3. Spoilers?

After an episode has aired EST and if there’s no issues regarding events in it, all Gleeks may commence answering and interacting with regards to it as soon as its finished. If you’re ever unsure about what your character can and can’t say, ask in the OOC or wait for the clarifications post to go up! 

Discussion of promos and the next episode should go under a read more in the OOC as we do consider those spoilers. 

4. New Characters

If an episode introduces a major (or minor) character that we feel people may be interested in applying for, we will add this character to the open roles page after the episode has finished airing. In cases where the character is a significant part of the plot we will often run ads from the close of the episode onwards. 

5. Episode-centric Spamming

As everyone is aware we are now running weekly spamming events however if, after you’ve viewed an episode, you’d like to request spam for spam we strongly encourage this via the OOC area. Sending one another relevant questions and generating some in game responses is a great way to boost activity after an episode has aired.

It’s also generally very welcomed and encouraged. There’s nothing wrong with requesting some questions IC or out if your inbox needs a little padding out. 

The Weekly Workout begins on Wednesday 

These spamming events span the two days from Wednesday evening at 11:59PM through to Friday evening at 11:59PM and will focus on the episodes that air week to week.

Obviously, if character(s) aren’t on screen for an episode that week, questions can be sent using the theme or themes of the episode or misc. questions can also be used. Please make sure if you can’t or don’t believe you’ll be able to take part this week to let us know ASAP. 

Cheers all,


talktopuckasaurus is talking about: Hey admins. I'm gonna be out of the country for a while, so I'll be away for a good week starting tomorrow but I'll let you know if it's going to be any longer. Just so you know :)

Hi Puck,

Thanks for checking in and letting us know! We’ll slot you over onto an absent status for the time being. Have a great trip!