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Mike Chang

18/3 5x12: 100
25/3 5x13: New Directions
01/4 5x14: New New York
08/4 5x15: Bash
15/4 5x16: Tested
22/4 5x17: Opening Night
29/4 5x18: The Back-Up Plan
06/5 5x19: Old Dog, New Tricks
13/5 5x20: The Untitled Rachel Berry Project

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talktoburthummel is talking about: Things have been super hectic the last few days and I haven't gotten around to my spamming yet, may I please have through tomorrow to finish. Thanks.

Hi Burt,

Of course. Just remember to like the post once you’ve spammed.

Thank you for letting us know,

- Co-Admin

Timeline of Events for ‘Tested’ Friday 18th April

  • 6PM: Rachel and Mercedes talk about her decision not to have sex with Sam and have a heart to heart
  • 7PM: The boys go to Serendipity again

Weekly Workout Spamming Ends Tonight 

Just a reminder that the spamming window ends this evening at 11:59PM EST. If you missed the distribution of groups for the week you can find that here.

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We really don’t mind in the slightest if you need a couple of days either on lowered activity or away from the RP due to life being … well, life, but we do need to know if that’s the case and how long you anticipate you’ll be gone for. 

Remember, after 3 days at midnight EST on the third we will place an idle account on activity watch for 48 hours (2 days). If your account is set to inconsistent and goes past 4 days without activity, we’ll place it on activity watch for 24 hours. In both cases we do issue reminder messages to accounts as well to ensure players are fairly informed and have a chance to respond before the window expires.

Talking Gleeks has a three strike policy with our warnings - after the third, it does mean removal from the RP and as we love all our players, we’d hate to lose anyone due to inactivity.

Cheers all,


Jake -

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Jake Puckerman

Timeline of Events for ‘Tested’ Thursday 17th April

  • 11AM: Artie tells Julie about his STD and the other girls
  • 7PM: Sam surprises Mercedes with a candle lit room and they talk about their relationship

Clarifications for 5x16 ‘Tested’

If anyone missed our clarifications post for the episode, you can find that right hereIt houses all the main plot points of note for the RP and gives everyone an idea of where their characters were at as of the close of things. 

As always, if anyone has any questions regarding the episode, please don’t hesitate to query it with us.

Weekly Workout Spamming Has Begun

If you missed the distribution of groups for the week you can find that here. Don’t forget to like the post after you’ve spammed!

If you aren’t able to participate this week, please try and make sure you drop us a message before the spamming event finishes on Friday evening. This allows us time to make up the difference in questions for those other players in your group.

Cheers all,


talktojacobpuckerman is talking about: Here's Jake, guys! <3 Also, I'd absolutely love one of those awesome personalized wallpapers for Jake's blog!


Everyone, please follow the one and only Jake Puckerman. Ryan, we’ll be around momentarily to get you all set up with OOC access so you can meet the rest of the team. We can most definitely put a wallpaper together for you! 

Either myself or Amanda will post it up on the main when its ready with your URL tagged.


talktopennyowen is talking about: Hey! Finals are coming up, next week actually, and I really need to study for them. Do you mind changing my status as away? I doubt I will have time to get on. Thank you :)

Hi Penny,

Finals are the worst! We’ll set you to away for the time being. Please let us know when you’ve returned.

Thank you for letting us know,

- Co-Admin

It’s time for the Weekly Workout, Gleeks!

Get your fingers warmed up and ready to do some in-game spamming related to this week’s episode Tested.

 How this works:

All active accounts within the RP barring those currently absent have been split into groups. Gleeks are asked to use the episode that aired this week as a prompt to ask 5 questions of each member of their group. This will result in each member of the RP receiving a total of 15 questions.

If a character was not featured in the episode selected this week, you can spam them with other questions or use the theme or subject of the episode to ask questions. Each week we shuffle the groups around so everyone isn’t constantly spamming the same characters.

 Where can I find the episode to re-watch online?

You can access a streaming version of Glee episodes via this website.

 Does everyone have to participate?

Yes, we do require everyone to help out and take part. We’ll give everyone 48 hours as of this post to spam the others they are grouped with (which is until 11:59PM Friday EST).

 After you’ve spammed your group members, like this post to let us know (this is part of the WW process and is required)! 

Once 48 hours has elapsed, if anyone has not been spammed they can contact the admins and we’ll prompt those in the group who may have neglected to participate because of absence and/or other obstructions. If a member of the RP is noted not to participate in the WW without any reason given 3 times or more the admins reserve the right to remove the player from the RP.

If a group member is unable to spam another for a legitimate reason (i.e storms, no power, etc.) the admins will supply spam in their stead. Please make sure you contact us if you are unable to take part in WW.

 What are the groups for this week?

 Group #1: Kurt, Ryder, Burt, Kitty

 Group #2: Sam, Karofsky, Blaine, Quinn

 Group #3: Harmony, Cooper, April, Brittany

 Group #4: Sue, Elliott, Mercedes, Tina

 Group #5: Puck, Emma, Artie, Rachel

 Group #6: Marley, Will, Santana, Unique

Group sizes may vary slightly week to week as players return from and request to go on an absence from the RP.

Happy Spamming!


Jake Puckerman Audition

Welcome to the team, Ryan! We really enjoyed your take on young Jake Puckerman and we think you’ll be a great addition to the team. Go ahead and get your account set up to your liking in the next 24 hours and don’t forget to turn your asks, ask replies and submissions on for us, too!


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Anonymous is talking about: It is now February in the Gleeverse :)

Hi Anon,

We are aware there was a reference in this week’s episode to ‘weeks going by’ since Kurt’s attack, however with how unreliable Glee can sometimes be with sticking to a cohesive timeline, we tend to wait until we hear an actual month voiced on screen.

If you did hear or see something we didn’t pick up on, by all means drop us a line!